Charlie Sheen Admits He Didn’t Tell Two Sex Partners He Had HIV (Video)

When Charlie Sheen first told Matt Lauer that he was HIV-positive, he insisted that he never put anyone else at risk by not telling them about his condition, and having sex with them anyway.  Well yesterday, he went back on “Today” and admitted that he wasn’t 100% truthful.  Two women he had sex with didn’t know he was HIV-positive, but he said they were never at risk because, “protection was always in place.

Sheen said he didn’t tell them because, “Everyone that I had told up to that moment had shaken me down.”  He said he’s already been taken for millions, and he’s facing lawsuits from several women who say they had unprotected sex with him without knowing about his condition.  But he says their claims are “baseless.

Charlie said being open about his HIV status was like, “being released from prison.”  And he also said he regrets a few things, like not using a condom when he contracted HIV.  Obviously.

Oh, and he also regrets “ruining” “Two and a Half Men.