News Anchor Interrupts Weather Report Because Of Pokemon Go (Video)

Have you noticed that people have been staring down at their phones a little extra the last week or so?  Sure, we’ve been addicted to our smartphones for years now.  But it’s definitely gotten worse recently.  The reason?  Pokemon Go…the new augmented reality game in which you search for Pokemon characters in the real world.  Needless to say, people have been super distracted by it, causing car accidents, robberies and other crimes to occur because of the distraction.

One person that was apparently a bit distracted by attempting to catch ’em all was a news reporter at a television station in Florida.  Her colleague was simply trying to give the weather forecast when she walked right through his shot with her face buried in her phone.  The culprit: Pokemon.

Fake?  Perhaps.  But we also wouldn’t be surprised at all if it was real since people are simple.