Customer Gets A Discount At A Restaurant For ‘Seen Rat’ (Video)

Rodents come in all shapes and sizes.  Whether they are squirrels, bats, mice or the rats, rodents are not well liked in society.  Society may not like rats, but restaurants HATE rats even more. 

In Folsom, California at Fat’s Asia Bistro, a customer claimed to see a rat in the restaurant.  The customer who allegedly saw the rat posted a picture of their receipt to Facebook, showing $30.95 discount for “SEEN RAT.”

Kevin Fat, manager of the restaurant, said that there was recently a health inspection of the restaurant which turned up no signs of a rodent problem.  Other customers to the restaurant say that this customer was just trying to get their meal for free, and that’s totally plausible!  Because with a bill that still came to $92.50 after a $30.95 discount, we would want our meal for free too!