Two Guys Pass The Time By Taking Selfies While Stuck In An Avalanche (Video)

In 2017, the age of social media, nothing is off limits for selfies. This includes, but is not limited to, when you’re trapped in your car under an avalanche and have to wait to be rescued. 

In Tahoe City, California, David Ortiz and his roommate were traveling when they became trapped in an avalanche. After calling fire and rescue, they knew they would be rescued soon enough, so they relaxed, wrapped up in blankets and took selfies! The firefighter/paramedic at the scene said, “We got there, shoveled out one of the doors, opened it up and out popped two, happy, young men that were pretty stoked to not be in their car anymore.”

All in all, these guys are lucky and have a pretty interesting start to 2017 already!