Man’s Pet Squirrel Attacks A Burglar Who Was Robbing The House (Video)

On Tuesday, Meridian, Idaho resident Adam Pearl’s house was robbed.  As soon as he got home, he noticed that something was up when some of his things were disheveled. He then noticed that his gun safe had some scratches on it around the lock.

Pearl called the police and when they showed up to investigate, his pet squirrel, yes SQUIRREL, Joey, was going a little crazy and made an impression on the them.  A few hours later, the officer returned to Pearl’s home with some of his stolen items!  The police managed to track down the burglar and when they were questioning him, they noticed that he had scratches on his hands.  It turns out that while he was robbing Pearl’s home, Joey was giving him some hell and scratched the hell out of him!

So for those out there that can’t afford a security system or surveillance cameras, leave your door open for a few hours and trap a squirrel in your house.  You never know…it might help you track down a criminal one day!