English Soccer Team’s Backup Goalie Forced To Resign After Eating A Pie On The Sidelines (Video)

This backup goalkeeper for an English soccer team is every casual athlete’s hero.

Meet Wayne Shaw, the 46-year-old backup goalkeeper for Sutton, a fifth tier English soccer team.  Shaw also serves as the stadium caretaker and rarely ever sees any action on the field.  And he’s a bit of a character as well.

During a recent game against Arsenal, Sutton was down 2-0.  At halftime, Shaw was feeling a bit hungry and decided to run to the stadium bar and grab a meat and potato pie and chow down on the sideline!  The cameras even grabbed a quick slow-mo as Shaw was going to town on that pie!  But there’s a problem.  Shaw ended up having to resign and leave the team for his actions.

No, the team wasn’t pissed because he wasn’t taking the game seriously.  As it turns out, a local sports betting outfit jokingly put 8-1 odds on Shaw eating a pie on the sidelines during a game!  Shaw was made aware of this by his friends and then went for it.  Unfortunately, that violated all kinds of betting laws in place by the league and the controversy began.  So Shaw took one for the team and called it quits.

But still, though.  This guy is a legend!