Join KSKY’s Everything That Shamrocks Clan


Join the KSKY “Everything That Sham-Rocks” clan at the Deadwood St. Patrick’s Day pub crawl on Saturday, March 18th!

Every year, waves of the Black Hill’s finest citizens flood the streets of downtown Deadwood for a weekend of Irish-induced debauchery. On a day where EVERYONE is Irish, we invite you out to partake in this celebration, and join the “Everything That Sham-Rocks” Clan as we take over the town. There will be dozens of St. Patrick’s-themed clans out there for us to compete against, so we need you and your loud-mouthed friends to join forces with us!

Check out pictures from last year’s crawl HERE.

Here’s the pub crawl schedule:

Registration: 10:30am – 2:30pm @ the Franklin Hotel
Parade: NOON on Main Street
Pub Crawl: 2:30pm – 6:30pm
Pub Crawl Awards: 7pm @ the Franklin Hotel

To be a part of the KSKY “Everything That Sham-Rocks” clan, you MUST request to be on it, but space is limited, so make sure you register as soon as you can at the Franklin.

KSKY “Everything That Shamrocks” 2017 Clan Schedule for Saturday, March 18:

  1. 2:30-2:50p Mineral Palace
  2. 3:00-3:20p Nugget
  3. 3:30-3:50p Eagle Bar
  4. 4:00-4:20p Deadwood Tobacco
  5. 4:30-4:50p Oyster Bay
  6. 5:00-5:20p Mustang Sally’s
  7. 5:30-5:50p Buffalo
  8. 6:00-6:30p Hickock’s
  9. 7pm Pub Crawl Awards at the Franklin Hotel

Make sure you come to the Franklin at the end of the pub crawl, so we can prove that the KSKY clan is the loudest clan in the Black Hills! (After all, we do have 100,000 watts of loudness screaming off the top of Terry Peak 24/7…)