Four In Five Students In Oklahoma City Can’t Read A Clock (Video)

In this digital age, it’s no surprise that kids are no longer to do certain ‘ol-timey tasks.  Who needs good handwriting when you don’t actually write anything anymore?  As long as you have good thumb dexterity, you can text whatever message needs to be sent!  Even typing on a keyboard is a thing of the past!  But this recent study in Oklahoma City showed that four in five kids aren’t able to do one thing that most would think EVERYONE just knows how to do: read a clock!

Since pretty much ever kid has a smartphone or a tablet, and all of those devices have digital displays, kids just aren’t exposed to clocks as much as back in the olden days apparently.  Crazy, right?

In all, 150 Oklahoma City students took part in a time-telling exercise.  Of the 150, only 31 passed, with only 15 of those students scoring perfectly.  That’s bad news.