Adam Sandler Describes Hitting Kids In The Face With Dodgeballs During ‘Billy Madison’ Filming (Video)

Some say that 1995’s Billy Madison is Adam Sandler’s finest work.  In case you forget the plot or never saw the movie, Billy (played by Sandler) is the son of a hotel empire mogul.  Sandler never took school or life in general seriously because he was rich and was set to inherit the empire.  But then, he is forced to go back to school as a grown man and pass every grade and eventually graduate high school.

There’s an infamous scene in the movie in which Billy is playing dodgeball with little kids half his size.  In the clip below, Sandler looks back on the filming of the scene 20 years later while on Conan recently.  He describes what it was like pegging little kids in the face with dodgeballs and sort of shows some regret, but also seems like he still really enjoys the whole experience.

Check out the clip below!