Canadian Police Used A Helicopter And K9 Units To Catch Candy Thieves (Video)

Canada.  Our friendly neighbors to the north.  They’re an easy-going people who love their maple syrup and hockey.  But there’s one thing they’re pretty damn serious about: candy theft.

Recently, police in Ontario were attempting to track down three teenage boy who stole some candy from Canada’s Wonderland, a theme park near Toronto.  They were having a bit of trouble, though, so they brought in the big guns.  They called upon the York Regional Police, who deployed a helicopter with an infrared camera, as well as K9 units to track down the candy thieves.  Seem a little overkill, right?  Well, let the ends justify the means, because they caught the candy-swiping rascals!

It turns out that the call came in as a breaking an entering in progress, which kind of justifies the heavy response.  The kids were not criminally charged, as the police said that the chase was probably punishment enough for them.  Hopefully they keep their hands out of the candy jar moving forward.