Undercover Boss Participant Promised To Pay For This Woman’s Wedding But Has Yet To Do So (Video)

“Undercover Boss” is one of those shows that always seems to be on. The best part is always when the CEOs or bosses hear the people who work for them’s stories and in the end they try to reward them for their hard work by giving them money, vacations, things for their children, or better positions within the company! It sounds like a great way these people are changing people’s lives for the better; however, this boss is not holding up his end of the bargain.

Nalini Singh had been with the company Shoppers World since she graduated high school years ago. The CEO of the family-owned company, Sam Dushey, worked with Nalini and found out she was getting married but was not going to have her dream wedding. In the end, he promised her a $15,000 bonus, more hours, and another $20,000 to help pay for her dream wedding.

Nalini went and planned her wedding but when it came time to pay for everything the company started issues. They were not going to just give Nalini a check, but rather wanted her to send invoices for each thing she bought for the wedding. Claiming she never sent said invoices, the company is not doing anything about it yet.

Having had enough of Shoppers World’s BS, Nalini has since found another job and Sam Dushey looks more like Sam Douche-y!