This Couple Found A Hidden Camera In The Smoke Detector Of Their Airbnb (Video)

A couple from Indiana was renting an Airbnb in Longboat Key, Florida when they noticed something weird about the smoke detector in their room.

Derek Starnes and his wife said they looked up and noticed a black hole in the side of the detector. Starnes work in tech and knew something was up so he took down the detector to find a camera recording to and SD card.

Wayne Natt, the homeowner, was arrested and later questioned. With a lawyer present, Natt said everyone gave him consent to be filmed admitted there’s a multitude of videos of people participating in sex parties hosted in the home. Apparently, the camera was hidden on the smoke alarm to “give him a better angle” because there’s totally a point in hiding a camera if everyone knows they’re being filmed, right?

Airbnb has since apologized and police want anyone who has stayed at Natt’s to come forward.