Man Who Shot His Daughter’s Boyfriend In The Groin Has Charges Dismissed (Video)

Donald Jenkins Jr. was charged with attempted homicide and assault after shooting his 20-year-old daughter’s 20-year-old boyfriend in the groin.

Jenkins found his daughter and her man at a motel in the nearby town of Frackville. All the fire that surely is in the air from a place where there’s got to be only fracking going on must have ignited one under Jenkins when he decided to shoot the man he did not like to see with his little girl.

Now we can assume that this is the most interesting thing to happen in Shenandoah probably ever.

People think Jenkins in justified in his actions, but judging by the people of this town, we’re not sure their opinion can be taken too seriously.

Lucky enough for Jenkins and all the people who agreed with him, the boyfriend victim failed to appear in court therefore the charges against Jenkins were dismissed!

A happy, fairytale ending for this downright cartoonish story.