TV Anchor Handles The One Chip Challenge Like A Boss, While Her Coworker Struggles Terribly (Video)

We’ve seen plenty of videos of the one chip challenge, where people attempt to eat one single super hot chip with a straight face. Various TV news anchors have tried and failed. Even Shaq attempted it and failed miserably. But the video below of two Philadelphia news anchors giving it a shot might be our favorite one yet!

CBS 3 anchor Jim Donovan challenged his co-anchor Rachel Solomon to eat one of the extremely hot tortilla chips, the ones that are so hot that they actually come individually wrapped.  But she was used to eating spicy foods because her family is Ethiopian, and wasn’t fazed by it at all. She coughed once or twice, but it was NOTHING compared to poor Jim’s reaction. Also worth nothing is that Jim just ate a bite of the chip, while Rachel downed the whole thing.

Learn your lesson, Jim?