IKEA Is Genuinely Having Women Pee On Their Ads To Reveal Coupons (Video)

IKEA has had the bright idea to have women use their crib advertisements as a pregnancy test to reveal a discount coupon and honestly, just…what the hell?

First of all, who even thinks of that?

The bottom of the ad uses similar technology as pregnancy tests normal people use but instead of using pink lines or smiley faces to reveal results, if a woman is pregnant, a coupon will appear!

After doing the deed, people are expected to bring the pregnancy pee papers in to redeem the coupon.

Of course people have issues with it, first claiming that this promotion is sexist because men can’t participate. Also, it’s just genuinely disgusting.

Luckily, for now, the ad is only in Sweden but we can assume that if they come to America, the only people who will use it are the same ones who name their kids after foods. Lemon Sunshine is going to have a really great birth story someday.