A Montage Of CNN Anchors Saying ‘S**thole’ Quoting Trump (Video)

The news is lucky that they are on cable and don’t have to worry about the FCC because if so, there would be lots of money to be made.

Last night, President Trump had a tweet asking why we have immigrants from “s**thole countries” coming here.

Of course, for anyone in the public eye to say this is a little controversial, let alone the President of the United States.

The news is having a field day with this information, so much so that Trump’s favorite news network, CNN just can’t stop saying “s**thole” on live TV.

It’s completely okay because it’s in a quote and they’re not over the airwaves and not regulated by FCC regulations but we are, which is why we absolutely had to bleep a million times when we played it on the show.

But here is the unedited version, which is just full of s**t!