This Mom Is Not Impressed By Her Daughter’s Ability To Shotgun A Beer (Video)

So you go away to college and learn all about the world around you and get your degree, but you also learn how to party.

At least this girl did and honestly we’re pretty proud of her!

However, our pride in her is a million times higher than that of her mother’s.

From this video we can see that her mom is less than impressed when her daughter takes a big can of Bud Light, uses her thumb to poke the hole, turns it to her mouth and shotguns the hell out of it!

The horror on her mom’s face shows that she probably has never even seen her daughter take a sip of alcohol and didn’t realize this is what her daughter had been doing in school.

“What the f**k are you doing?” she wonders aloud when her daughter starts the beer-chugging ritual.

As soon as her daughter pops the tab and takes it like a champ the mom starts yelling saying “What the hell are you doing!?”

Some parents can be the perfect drinking buddies while others, like this mom, find the idea horrifying. We can tell which one this girl will grow up to be.

Just chill out mom, you raised a savage, deal with it @5thyear

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