A Candlelight Vigil Was Held For An Arby’s Sign (Video)

Remember a few weeks back when a community held a candlelight vigil for a Taco Bell that burned down? Well, it seems like this is a developing trend, because another pointless candlelight vigil popped up recently in Minneapolis for another fast food restaurant!

When the Arby’s at Lake Street and Emerson suddenly closed last month, people were upset. The company was not able to secure a new lease, so they had to shut things down. But this Arby’s was a little different. It was special. Why? Well, other than delicious roast beef sandwiches, this Arby’s location was also home to a massive neon Arby’s sign in the parking lot. So when the restaurant closed, the sign came down.

Luckily, though, the sign will never be forgotten because of the power of social media. After the restaurant closed, a Facebook event was created so that people could come and pay their last respects to Arby’s and the neon sign. In all, about 100 people showed up in the freezing cold weather last Friday night to share stories and remember the beacon to curly fry goodness.

Rest in peace, Arby’s sign. You won’t soon be forgotten.

Source: Kare11 News