Investigative Report On Medical Debt Leads To Washington TV Station Forgiving $1.1 Million For People (Video)

Washington TV station, KIRO 7 and their investigative reporter Jesse Jones set out to do a report on people struggling to pay off their medical debt and their findings inspired them to take action.

In the report they found that medical debt portfolios can actually be passed around and bought like trading cards for about $10 by collection agencies. Apparently within six years, the debt can almost double while the company paid a seemingly minuscule amount and rake in the profit.

Joelle Craft, a mother struggling with multiple sclerosis feels that she is being punished just for wanting to live and be there for her children.

After the report, Jones revealed that he and the station contacted a debt forgiveness agency in New York called RIP Medical Debt. The station was able to buy $12,000 worth of medical debt portfolios and through that will forgive the $1.1 million in debt for people in their surrounding area!

Through true journalism comes true humanity, well done KIRO 7 and Jesse Jones. Well done.

Source: KIRO 7