Tiger Woods Tees Off And Hit A Random Goose On The Fairway (Video)

Tiger Woods was playing in the Honda Classic over the weekend when he not only birdied a hole but goosed it too!

That’s right, we’re so well-versed in golf terminology that we know what goosing is and you’ve probably never heard of it!

Okay that part’s not true, turns out Tiger birdied the hole but not before he hit a goose with his tee shot.

Some poor goose on the fairway was just hanging out, trying to be right on par with the rest of them and check out the game when it got clocked!

If any of you have ever been hit by a golf ball, you know it does not feel good! This goose, though, walks it off like a champ.

Unfortunately, Tiger’s day didn’t end as lucky when he finished the course with an even-par 70.

You win some, you lose some, at least this goose has a good story to tell!

Source: USA Today Sports – For The Win


Please, stay OUTSIDE the ropes. ????

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