American Idol Is Back And It’s Off To An…Interesting Start With Hilarious Auditions (Video)

The best part of American Idol is always the auditions and seeing some of the best singers and their inspiring stories but also the worst singers who think they are amazing. Either way it’s fun to watch and laugh at their unfortunate singing and the judge’s reactions.

The hosts are different, there’s no Simon Cowell so already it’s a little too nice to some of these people. However, Katy Perry, Luke Brian, and Lionel Richie are a good mix of genres and didn’t take it too easy on this girl.

Koby is from Colorado and does musical theatre. She’s extremely over-the-top and quite frankly, kind of annoying, but the quirky ones always have some of the most interesting things to offer so why not?

Anyways, she decided to sing an original song, or rather a single sentence.

Koby sings/shrieks and drags out the sentence “the devil never stops coming for you” over a series of bad, lingering riffs. Honestly, she has been compared to a car alarm and it really makes sense.

Mad props to Katy Perry for her response though.

“What do people usually say when they hear you sing?” Katy said.

When Koby replied they tell her she should go on American Idol, Katy says those people are lying to her and that nobody in pop music sings like that.

Of course, Koby leaves without her “golden ticket” to Hollywood but did not leave without saying that it’s supposed to be a singing competition, Katy Perry is probably just jealous, and that she killed it.

If by “it” she means everyone’s eardrums, then yes, you killed it Koby. Now go back and practice with some more dying cats.