OJ Simpson Does Not Exactly Seem Like He’s Really Not Guilty After Hearing This (Video)

We’re just going to come right out and say what a majority of people think, and that’s that OJ did it, right?

Sure, the court ruled he wasn’t but the court of public opinion definitely thinks otherwise and after information from the Fox special “OJ Simpson: The Lost Confession?” we can probably all agree that OJ did not “not do it.”

In an interview with Judith Regan, the publisher of OJ’s book “If I Did It,” she says flat-out that Simpson did murder Ron Goldman and Nicole Brown Simpson.

Apparently when it came time to write the book, OJ’s lawyer called Regan saying Simpson was ready to confess. They then decided to add the “if” to the “I Did It” title so Simpson could have a level of deniability when it came to his kids…


Even more shocking, OJ not only gets to walk free getting away with murder (we’ll just say it at this point) but has the audacity to say that the people he killed somehow killed him.

How they could have done that, we’re not really sure, he must mean his reputation. In that case, he’s not really done or doing anything to help his case in that regard.

So yeah, yet again we can all say that all signs are pointing to “OJ did it” like we all already know or knew.