Radio Host Quits Live On The Air After An Ambush By Her Co-Hosts (Video)

Up until last week, Danni Starr was a co-host on The Fam in the Morning 93.9 WKYS in Washington, D.C.

In the past, Starr had been pretty open and honest on-air about how her husband cheated on her. So when they were interviewing possible nannies to watch their child while they were at work, Starr was not OK with hiring a very attractive applicant, who was also a model. Starr’s co-hosts brought the potential nanny into the studio to confront Star on the air, which understandably, didn’t go over very well.

In the clip below, listen to the interaction that took place. Starr was so mad with the whole situation that she ended up quitting on the air, saying ‘On my life this will be my last day working with y’all!‘ And it looks as though Starr followed through, as she posted this on Twitter Last Thursday: