Expensive Tool Goes Missing From Mechanic Shop, Security Tapes Show Thief Putting It Down His Pants (Video)

We all have experienced the extreme frustration of knowing exactly where you left something only for it to apparently grow legs and disappear.

In this situation, the legs may not have grown but have been covered by pants of a thief who stole this tool.

Okay, maybe that whole “legs” thing was a stretch but is there really any way to justify someone waltzing on in to a repair shop and shoving a $350 electric ratchet down his pants and walking out?

That’s what happened to Dustin Vincent, a mechanic in Memphis, TN, when his ratchet went missing so he turned to surveillance footage for answers! That’s where they saw a thief make off with the expensive tool!

Sometimes it pays off to go into full-on investigation mode over a hunch! Although Vincent still is hoping his tool turns back up.

Source: WBRC Fox 6 News
WBRC FOX6 News – Birmingham, A