Two Bros Have Some Great Ideas And Present Them At A Los Angeles City Council Meeting (Video)

Chad (Kroeger) and JT are just a couple of L.A. bros that are all about being chill. A while back, we posted a video of these bros at a city council meeting in Los Angeles, where they spoke about the merits of erecting a statue of the late actor Paul Walker somewhere in the city. Well, Chad and JT are back at the city council meeting, this time with a list of things that would make L.A. more chill as a whole!

Included in their list of suggestions are things like more places to work out, Coachella 52 weeks a year, free beer bongs for everyone, Lightsaber research and development and free oysters on Valentine’s Day!

We have to admit, Chad and JT bring up some strong points, and we’re fully in support of their initiatives! Hopefully they have the power to sway some votes in their favor!