New Jersey Police Release Bodycam Footage Of Former Phillies Star Lenny Dykstra’s Arrest (Video)

Lenny Dykstra, former Phillies star, was arrested about a month ago after allegedly putting a gun to an Uber driver’s head and now New Jersey police have released the bodycam footage.

The footage doesn’t show what exactly happened but it did show he was arrested after police did not find a gun in his bag but still found drugs!

There is still an ongoing investigation to determine the actual events of the Uber but still were able to arrest Dykstra after finding MDMA, cocaine and weed in his bag.

For now he is facing charges for “making terroristic threats” and drug possession but he claims he’s actually the victim!

We’ll see how this plays out but until then we’re pretty sure he’ll be switching to Lyft to get around!

Source: 6 ABC