Kid Knocks Over And Damages Statue Valued At $132,000 And His Parents Are Now Being Asked To Pay Up (Video)

Recently, a five-year-old kid at a wedding reception managed to knock over and damage a statue valued at $132,000 at a community center in Overland Park, Kansas. While walking back from the bathroom, the child hugged a statue that was sitting on a pedestal, causing it to fall over and nearly land on him. The statue was damaged in the process.

The community center is now expecting the parents of the child to pay the $132,000 for their loss, as the statue was on loan from another organization. The parents say that they are not responsible because the statue was not secured in any way and there was nothing keeping the child from getting to it.

After watching the video, it’s pretty amazing that the child wasn’t injured at all during the whole event. The statue appears to be pretty heavy and it just missed landing on the child.