Dax Shepard Thought Kristen Bell’s Boobs Were Fake When They Started Dating (Video)

Boob job technology has certainly advanced over the years, so when someone has fake ones it’s not as obvious as it once was! this opens up for some confusion, though, especially when someone gives you no reason to doubt they’re fake!

Dax Shepard recently told Jimmy Kimmel  the story of how, for the longest time when they started dating, he thought Kristen Bell’s boobs were fake.

It all started literally on their first date when they were in a hot tub and Bell asked Shepard if he was staring at her “fake t**s.” Then, when it eventually came time for them to get frisky, Shepard thought her boobies were pretty perky, which he assumed to be another clue!

Through a series of other “clues” and more confusion for Shepard, he eventually just came right out and asked if she was trying to trap him into talking about her fake boobs.

Finally, Bell told him they were actually real, Shepard was suddenly a lot more interested in them and they lived happily ever after!