Turns Out Henry Smokey Yunick Had So Many Tricks Up His Sleeve, He’s Earned The Title Of ‘NASCAR’s Greatest Cheater’ (Video)

NASCAR now really doesn’t have very much room for cheating, but back in the day it was possible to find and utilize almost every grey area!

Henry Smokey Yunick was basically a genius when it came to bending the rules and has earned the title of “NASCAR’s Greatest Cheater.”

Sure, being a well-known cheating scammer may not be everyone’s cup of tea but any guy that can pull of scams that you honestly sit back and think “huh, that’s actually impressive” deserves some recognition!

Most notably, Smokey Yunick was able to pull off using a basketball in his fuel tank in order to pass inspections and also maximize the amount of gas he can use!

Honestly, this guy seems like a genius!

What kind of shady/cheating hacks have you pulled off?

Source: Digg