A Man Comes Up With A Unique Way To Deal With A Phone Scammer (Video)

This guy game up with a great way to beat an insurance phone scammer.

When the supposed representative from an insurance company called to ask him questions about an accident he was recently involved in, he made the guy really work for information. First, he refused to tell the scammer the date of the accident, insisting that someone from the insurance company should have that information already. Solid point.

Then, when he finally decided to give the guy a little info, he told the man that he had driven off a cliff with six other people in the car…and everyone else died! And just for good measure, he told the scammer that he lost his leg and he was unable to find it, despite looking for it for a while.

This line of approach seemed to do the trick, because the scammer surprisingly accepted his response, was obviously thrown off a bit, and then ended the call!

Check out the clip below and be sure to take some notes!