Creepy Man’s Review Of New Harmony Sex Doll, Says It’s A ‘Work Of Art’ (Video)

Sex doll collector and father of two who goes by the alias “Brick Dollbanger” (classy) and is one of the first to review the brand new Harmony sex robot.

It’s actually pretty creepy how nonchalant this 60-year-old man who enjoys banging dolls is about describing his experience, well, banging dolls.

Dollbanger started collecting in 2007 and has since spent $200,000 on the strange hobby.

Harmony seems to be one of the best he’s ever encountered though, he even said she “changed his perception of relationships.”

We’re not sure how that could be possible considering he had relations with the doll five times in two weeks which is more than some people get in even a year!

We guess kudos to this guy for…we can’t think of anything this dude’s such a creep.

Source: DailyStar