Real Life Looney Tunes: Woman Blows Off Her Own Fingers After Mistaking Stick Of Dynamite For A Candle (Video)

Apparently we need to give a little lesson on the difference between a candle and a stick of dynamite because this lady in Connecticut just blew off her fingers with that mistake.

Thunderstorms Thursday night caused this neighborhood to lose power, so the mother looked through the drawers for some candles, a completely natural response.

Unfortunately the “candle” this woman found ended up being a M-1,000 firework!

She lit it, went to move it and KABOOM!

In true Looney Tunes fashion, the stick went off and actually caused her serious injury to her hands and face!

While it is a funny concept, like she’s Tom and Jerry is standing around the corner laughing, we hope she’s okay!

But, come on, it’s kind of funny.

Source: ABC 7 NY