Woman Getting Arrested For Stolen Car Fake Cries, Denies It, Then Steals Cruiser (Video)

When trying to get out of going to jail for something you’re claiming you didn’t do, you probably shouldn’t do exactly what they think you did in front of the cops themselves

Back in March, 37-year-old Tulsa resident, Angie Frost was stopped by police for driving a stolen vehicle but claimed she “didn’t know.”

Between her obvious fake crying and pretty BS story about working with police (even the FBI) before, we really don’t know why the cops didn’t believe her…oh wait, she was also driving on a suspended license.

So basically, even if she truly didn’t steal the car, she’s still in trouble so might as well just go quietly right?


She was crying and pleading as the cops cuffed her and put her in the squad car and honestly, to her credit, they probably should not have locked it and left her alone in there because what happened next is surprising but also, kind of, not really.

She somehow got out of the cuffs, jumped in the driver’s seat, and peeled away with the stolen paddy wagon.

The cops inevitably caught up and finally arrested her, and just released the chest-cam footage for us to enjoy and share with all of you!

Source: Tulsa World