Mike Gundy Uses Fart Noises To Illustrate His Thoughts About Twitter At Recent Press Conference (Video)

Recently after Oklahoma State pulled a 38-35 victory over Texas, Mike Gundy stepped up for a press conference with a true Gundy-fashion hot-take!

It is safe to say Gundy is not a huge fan of the media, now he is showing his true opinions about social media!

One reporter asked a question about a topic from Twitter and that is when Gundy unleashed with first saying he does not “give a rat’s a** about Twitter.”

Gundy then sticks out his tongue to make a fart noise and does it again later!

He says the platform is for people who just sit at home behind a keyboard and collect unemployment checks…

“I just kinda feel like social media and twitter’s what’s destroying this country,” Gundy rounded out his statement. “So, that’s how I feel about it. From politics to sports to whatever…”

Tell us how you really feel there, Mike!

Source: BroBible