11-Year-Old Boy Steals Mom’s Car, Leads High-Speed Chase And Crashes (Video)

Stories of young kids making it off with their parents’ car(s) are nothing new, however, every time it happens it is as unbelievable as the first time!

This young boy in Brooklyn, Ohio led police on a high-speed chase through the streets until they realized it was actually an 11-year-old behind the wheel!

The boy ran red lights, swerved all over the place and even hit speeds upwards of 70 miles and hour before his father called police to alert them the driver was actually a child.

After police halted the chase, the boy inevitably crashed the car and could possibly be facing charges!

We’re sure it has happened more often than just this once, have you ever done it? What happened? Call/Text/Email now!

Source: WKYC 3