Here’s A Throwback To The 1994 Plano East Vs. John Tyler Game With The Most Emotional Commentary (Video)

On the biggest stage in Texas high school football, Plano East was trailing John Tyler 41-17 but that did not stop their commentators still giving it their all!

They get pretty emotional, how could you not with your home team being behind by so much in such a big game?

Plano starts to gain some ground, to the excitement of the commentators and they honestly make this clip so amazing, who cares about the game anymore!?

However, the final seconds of the game, Plano is only a few points away from an amazing comeback win but John Tyler returns one last touchdown to win.

Heartbreakingly, it ends with one of the young broadcasters saying “I’m gonna throw up” out of sadness for his team.

But still, what an exciting, emotional time!