Russian Girl In Thong Absolutely Fails At Polar Plunge (Video)

A Russian blonde woman got down to her very skimpy skivvies and did a cannonball for a traditional polar bear plunge but it didn’t end in the freezing, wet, and wild time it sounds like!

Either both people in this video were drunk on vodka (we mean, it is Russia) because the idiot filming did not tell her the lake was frozen over but she was too stupid to notice too!

It also could have just been a prank but we like to think they just are a pair of idiots.

Anyways, she strips down, jumps off the dock with pretty good cannonball form and her thong-clad butt hits a sheet of ice!

She may have broken a tailbone, but definitely did not break the ice!

We’re sure, though, the pain of a broken ass is nothing compared to the pain of living with a friend whose laugh is as annoying as the guy filming this’ is!