Indiana Family Needs Help Tracking Down ‘The Grinch’ Who Ran Over Their Inflatable Snowman (Video)

Christmas time can either turn people into Buddy The Elf or The Grinch and it seems this year, those “Grinches” are out in full force.

Some jerk near Indianapolis stopped in front of someone’s home the other night, checked out the giant inflatable snowman on their lawn and decided they hated it.

Instead of just grumbling about how much they hated Christmas and snowmen and joy, they decided to get back into their SUV and drive up onto the lawn to run it over!

The family who lives at the home are not happy about the incident but are not worried so much about the $100 inflatable as they are about safety.

But hey, in the end even the Grinch himself realized the error of his ways, his heart swelled up and he joined in on the Christmas joy so we think they’ll be just fine!

Source: The Indy Channel