At around 3:00 a.m. on December 28th, police observed a pickup travelling north on Elm Street with no headlights on. Police attempted to stop the vehicle after it turned west onto East Saint Patrick Street. The vehicle did not stop and eventually turned south on 5th Street. The suspect vehicle then turned to head east on Fairmont Boulevard. After the vehicle turned to head south on Cambell Street, a tactical vehicle intervention (a police driving maneuver in which a patrol car is used to nudge the rear corner of a suspect vehicle in order to cause it to spin out and end a pursuit) was executed on the vehicle. The suspect vehicle spun, but the suspect driver regained control of the truck and struck the pursuing officer’s patrol car. The truck was pursued to Hermosa, where it turned eastbound onto Highway 40, at which point the pursuit was terminated. The truck is a mid-90’s green GMC Sierra, and anyone with any information about the incident or the identity of the suspect driver can contact police at 394-4131. They can also can send an anonymous tip by texting the letters ‘RCPD’ and the information to 847411.