Couple Suing Lifetime Network For Using Their Christmas Card Claiming They Called It ‘Ugly’ (Video)

A couple is suing Lifetime for using their Christmas card in a movie called “Christmas Harmony”, in a scene where a guy tells his wife it is ‘ugly’.

The thing is, while the couple did not give permission nor do they understand why or how their card ended up in the film they’re totally stupid and wrong…and maybe actually ugly!

In the movie the guy is telling his holiday spirit-filled wife about how hanging up the holiday cards in general is tacky, not the photo itself.

Honestly, if you’re going to sue anyone for making movies why not sue the people who use white actors to play Chinese characters? Really shooting for the moon suing the people who feature B-list actors and Melissa Joan Hart in 600 Christmas movies starting in July every year…

Source: DailyMail