This Car Voice Assistant Reading A Series Of Emojis Is Mind-Boggling (Video)

Ever wonder the “official” names of all those emojis we all know and love?

Well, just type them all in and your siri, google assistant or even the voice assistant in your car can read them for you!

Twitter user and dad, Aaron Reynolds was texting with his 14-year-old daughter while driving by using the voice assistant in his car when he made this amazing discovery.

Now, texting with a young girl, lots of emojis are to be expected which is why this one was filled with, and we quote:

“A grinning face, a sunglasses face, a crazy face, seven smiley faces, a face crying with laughter, two faces with tongue out, two faces with monocles, two smirking faces, three party faces, a goofy face, three kissing faces, an upside-down face, two faces rolling on the floor laughing, a sad face, an unamused face, two nerd faces, three winking faces, and a worried face.”

*Steve Irwin voice*

Crikey, mate! Incredible…

Source: Mashable