On July 31st at around 12:20 a.m., an officer was at 3275 Cambell Street handling an unrelated call-for-service. While the officer was there, they observed female showing signs of impairment exit the restroom. The officer observed the vehicle she had arrived in and noted there was no one in the driver’s seat. The officer made contact with the female, who told the officer that another individual had driven the vehicle to the location. The officer informed the female she would need to find a sober driver to operate the vehicle. The female informed the officer she would call for a ride. A short time later, the officer observed the intoxicated female start the vehicle and drive out of the parking lot at the address. The officer got into their patrol car and conducted a traffic stop on the vehicle in the area of 1302 E. Fairmont Boulevard. The vehicle continued driving and finally came to a stop in the area of Locust Street and E. Fairmont Boulevard. The driver was identified as Tristan Farnsworth. Following a DUI investigation, Farnsworth was placed under arrest for DUI (3rd) and transported to the Pennington County Jail.