95-Year-Old Has To Prove He Was Even Born To Renew License

Lifelong Texas resident, Albert Bigler, 95, went to renew his driver’s license but now is tasked with proving he was ever born!

His current license was due to expire in July but when he went to get it renewed and was asked for his birth certificate he didn’t have it and apparently never has!

Making phone calls to multiple counties he could have been born in proved to be unsuccessful as they had no record of him!

Even though he has been driving for upwards of 65 years, submitted his Baptismal and Confirmation records, and even proof that he served in the Army during WWII nobody can find any records of him and he is stuck.

Not only is he worried about not being able to legally drive but he can’t vote or even renew his fishing license without a birth certificate.

This man is just trying to live his best life and at 95 years old, dammit just give him his license!

Source: KSDK