Teen Gets Kidnapped Trying To Catch A Kidnapper

It’s been a popular (stupid) trend lately for people to bring creeps and pedophiles to vigilante justice and this is a shining example of why it’s a terrible idea.

Usually it is the police who set up stings to catch predators but these three teens took it upon themselves and met up with 32-year-old Robert Dreyfus.

After messaging with Dreyfus, the teens decided to try and catch him in the act of being a creep when he convinced one of them to get in the car with him and drove off.

Because when trying to catch a pedophile the best thing to do is get into a car with them, right?

The teen made it out okay but the case against Dreyfus is going to be complicated…because getting kidnapped by the suspected kidnapper you were trying to catch for attempting to kidnap isn’t as cut-and-dry as one would think!