Chicago Police Officer Runs Marathon In SWAT Gear, Saves Life, Gets Engaged

In the matter of one whole day this Chicago Police officer achieved an amazing physical feat, saved one person’s life and committed to share his with another!

Sergeant Mike Nowacki completed Chicago’s Hot Chocolate Marathon running in full SWAT gear but not before he helped save a woman having a heart attack near the finish line!

“About 150 yards south of the finish line I hear people screaming medic, medic,” he recalled. “It was definitely a serendipitous moment because if I had run a little bit slower or a little bit faster I would have never encountered the young lady.”

So, he quickly saved a woman’s life, crossed the finish line and then got down on one knee to propose to his girlfriend, another Chicago police officer!

Yeah, this guy is more than any of us will probably ever be. Though, he probably did take the longest nap of his life after all that adrenaline wore off!

Check out the video HERE.