McDonald’s Employees Charged After Brawl Leaves Man Critically Injured

First a woman gets a blender thrown at her and now this makes it seem like McDonald’s should make like Starbucks and do a nation-wide sensitivity training for employees!

This couple, who are not the most young and spry people, were involved in a verbal altercation that turned extremely violent with employees at a Pittsburgh McDonald’s.

We are not sure who started it or what it was about but it really doesn’t matter because this couple was thrown to the ground, beaten up by the entire hoard of employees as an onlooker laughs and records on her phone!

They drag the woman to the ground, tell her repeatedly not get up and even pepper spray her!

Video even shows things escalate to the point the man is punched, falls to the ground straight on his face and is now paralyzed in critical condition.

It’s a real roller coaster of emotions watching the whole thing and hopefully the man comes out okay.

Source: WTAE