Michigan Mom Gets Arrest Warrant For Overdue Library Books

We’ve all been there, you borrow a book from your local library and accidentally keep it a little too long but did you know it could land you in jail?

Melinda Sanders-Jones sure didn’t until she applied for a promotion at work and was informed of a warrant out for her arrest!

It all started when she checked out two books back in 2017 and a few months ago was told she could not use the printer at the library until the books she didn’t even know she still had were returned.

So, she went back and returned the books and assumed she would be notified of the late fees and boy was she!

“I assumed that they had sent it to collections and that I would see it on the report or something like that, she said. “I had no idea that criminal charges would be pressed.”

Her next court date is this month and she is facing the charge for “failure to return rental property.”