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Everyone Loves a Good Scare

by Zachary "Fireball" posted Jul 18 2014 1:54PM


Let's get freaky.

Halloween is only 108 days away! Ok, well maybe that is still pretty far away, but it happens to be my favorite day of the year. A day for candy, scantily-clad women, parties, festive beer, scantily-clad women and....scares. 

Nothing makes me happier than seeing an unsuspecting victim lose their minds for a brief moment of heart-stopping decomposure. The best part is, everyone is a victim. Bodybuilders, Maxim models, children and old farts...they all succumb to a well-timed, heart-in-your-throat scare. 

The problem with Halloween is that it only comes once a year. This is particularly unfortunate for those of us in the north, as winter can set in early and ruin our Octobuuurrrrr.

Because I'm getting the scaring itch already and I don't want to be the only one, I found a few videos you might enjoy with me. And the one at the end...well......that's just for you ;)

Warning: Some language NSFW or tender young ears

Here's a newer Vine compilation of some of my favorite scares..


Here's one of the best Killer Clown pranks I've ever seen

This was a live-action Prank Promo for the newer Chucky movie. The only good thing about the movie release was this ad. Enjoy

Another amazing ad campaign prank for the scary movie 'Devil's Due"

And if you haven't seen this classic elevator prank, then I'm happy to provide...

And finally, here's one I found just for you. Yes....YOU. Just click the link below, and prepare to lock your doors. *shivers*

A lot of these made their rounds through the internet pretty well, so apologize if you've seen them already. If you have any better ones, feel free to share them on our Facebook page!

07/18/2014 2:00PM
Everyone Loves a Good Scare
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