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Fireball Reviews the latest albums of Deep Purple, Judas Priest, & Linkin Park

by Fireball posted Jul 9 2014 1:01PM

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Being a young snot-nosed kid in the Rock Media business, there's a lot of pressure on me to have a wide variety to my musical pallet. Luckily, I love everything new and old, and I happen to be very opinionated as well. That said, I pulled out a few new album releases from some of our classic rock favorites, and one from the younger band Linkin Park. 

First up: Deep Purple's "Now What?"

Like most classic rock bands, the earlier stuff is still the best. With age comes new insights, new experiences, adult diapers, memory loss, and more political crap to sing about. 
The Pros: 
They stay true to their original sound, save the lackluster vocals. The single "All the time in the World" is memorable and well-written.
The Cons:
The single "Hell to Pay" is garbage. 
Fitting with the latest music industry trends, the album seems to have a "hurry up and produce this shit so we can tour!" -feel. 

Judas Priest's "Redeemer of Souls"

If you're looking for hard-hitting and crunchy instrumentals, then you'll be a fan of this latest release from the heavy metal pioneers. If you're looking for a well-produced, youthful and full-sounding Rob Halford, save your money. 

The Pros: 
Superb guitar work.
Look at the album cover...fuck yeah m/ 
The Cons: 
I've heard better drums from a 12 yr old middle schooler. 
Impressive vocals considering his Rob's age, but it's tough to like. 


Linkin Park's "The Hunting Party"

In an interview before the album's release, Mike Shinoda claimed that this album was going to be a familiar sound from the earlier days. He was very excited to bring back the long-awaited hard shit that we all fell in love with. Remeber those first two albums that blasted them to the top of the charts? Where every single song was your fight song in your daydreams about you being in the MMA or saving your crush from some bullies? That fresh, new Rap/rock sound so perfectly executed and produced you thought to yourself, "Man, this band is gunna go far."

Yeah, it's not that. Its a very plain, lackluster rock album. I got more pumped listening to Nickelback's Darkhorse at 7 a.m., hungover as HELL from the night before.

The Pros: 
It's definitiely heavier than the rest of the recent stuff they've put out. 
It's a rock album...
It's a step in the right direction!
The Cons:
Very forgettable songs
Little-to-no rap/rock influence that we all came to love about them

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07/09/2014 1:00PM
Fireball Reviews the latest albums from Deep Purple, Judas Priest, and Linkin Park
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