March 30, 2015
5:41 am

Mother FORCES toddler to get a tattoo!


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This is NOT very metal, man. 

Below is a graphic video of a Cuban mother restraining her 3 yr old child while he is forced to get a tattoo. 

Now, these days the internet is quite fond of spreading a ton of bullshit mythconceptions and hoaxes to leave the average user raging all over their keyboards and online forums. That said, I usually do at least a little bit of investigating on a video before I share, and spread it faster than Miley Cyrus' legs. 
Unfortunately, there's not a lot of background info on this video. I couldn't find a picture of the child's newly decorated arm, nor anything on the legitimacy of the actual video. However, according to an article from, the following was found out about the video: 

- The Child is supposedly 3 years old.
- The tattoo is a symbol linked to a Puerto-Rican-born religious sect- "Growing with Grace."
- The symbol is the notorious "666" symbol, BUT this has nothing to do with Satanism (as with most Christians are familiar with.) This version represents a close relationship with God. 
- Cult or not, this mother is a sucky crazy-ass bitch. 
- Cult or not, this tattoo artist is an unprofessional knob goblin. 

Again, I can't confirm the legitimacy of the video OR the article linked above, but let's hope it's all a big hoax.
In which case, shame on me for sharing blah blah blah. 
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