April 18, 2015
7:06 pm

Mother FORCES toddler to get a tattoo!


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This is NOT very metal, man. 

Below is a graphic video of a Cuban mother restraining her 3 yr old child while he is forced to get a tattoo. 

Now, these days the internet is quite fond of spreading a ton of bullshit mythconceptions and hoaxes to leave the average user raging all over their keyboards and online forums. That said, I usually do at least a little bit of investigating on a video before I share, and spread it faster than Miley Cyrus' legs. 
Unfortunately, there's not a lot of background info on this video. I couldn't find a picture of the child's newly decorated arm, nor anything on the legitimacy of the actual video. However, according to an article from CurrentCounterNews.com, the following was found out about the video: 

- The Child is supposedly 3 years old.
- The tattoo is a symbol linked to a Puerto-Rican-born religious sect- "Growing with Grace."
- The symbol is the notorious "666" symbol, BUT this has nothing to do with Satanism (as with most Christians are familiar with.) This version represents a close relationship with God. 
- Cult or not, this mother is a sucky crazy-ass bitch. 
- Cult or not, this tattoo artist is an unprofessional knob goblin. 

Again, I can't confirm the legitimacy of the video OR the article linked above, but let's hope it's all a big hoax.
In which case, shame on me for sharing blah blah blah. 
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